Abundance: An Apple Spell for Opening Receptiveness

The apple tree's magic is steeped in myth. For generations, apples have been used in spellwork both big and small, from the kitchen witch's apple crumble pie, to the practice of wassailing, or leaving an offering of cider at the roots of an apple tree. The histories of these fruiting trees are entrenched in magic, because apple trees are an intimate friend of all magical beings—the witch foremost among them. When we work with apples to call down our desires and open ourselves up to receiving them, we invoke a love affair as old as time.


Every apple is a portal towards opulence, a sanctuary for sweetness, and a potent reminder of what we stand to receive when we open ourselves up to immense abundance. When we give our bodies, and our hearts, permission to receive the gifts offered to us, we often experience a moment of hesitation—we might ask ourselves, do I deserve this? Am I ready to become the version of myself who has everything they want? What will I do with myself once the cup of my desire has been filled? Apples catch us in the lies we tell ourselves about our ability to receive what our hearts desire most, and what was always ours in the first place.


Collaborating with plant allies is one of the most gentle methods of encouraging receptivity, exchange, vulnerability, and reciprocity. Apple is associated with Venus, the planet named for the Roman goddess of love, partnership, pleasure, and beauty. As a result, all apples are hopeless romantics, as well as generous guides in matters of the heart. Root down into your heart space, and open yourself up to receiving abundant love, radical softness, and honey-rich pleasure with this apple spell.


For this spell, you will need:

  1. A red apple

  2. Honey (or a vegan alternative)

  3. White rose petals

  4. Hot water

  5. A spoon

  6. A knife



Before you begin your spell, take as much time as you ned to cleanse your body and your space. Sink into a hot bath with a dropper full of your favorite body oil, or use a luscious body scrub in a steamy shower. If possible, work this spell in a space that feels bright and welcoming—allow yourself to really set the scene in this ritual space. Tidy up, clear the air with a spritz of an aura spray or the smoke from your favorite incense, and lay your spell materials out on a surface you won't mind getting sticky.



Apple trees, honey bees, and rose bushes are generous spirit allies—honor the magical tools you've chosen for this spell by acknowledging their origins. If you picked your apple up from the grocery store, thank the orchard tree you'll never meet for bearing this fruit. If you bought your honey from a local beekeeper, offer gratitude for the bees for they've tended. Thank not only the cut roses you've gathered for this spell, but the bush that grew these blossoms. Tap into the Source of your spell ingredients, and if you feel called to, thank Spirit for bringing these tools to you at this moment.



Begin by carving out the core of your apple, removing the entire center, along with any seeds you find. Remove the entire core in one piece—you'll use it later in the spell. Envision this cored apple as the Ace of Cups, empty and waiting to be filled. Now is the time to set your intention, babe. What are you ready to receive ? What will you fill your cup with?


Gently, pour some of your honey into your apple. Aloud, say, "I accept juicy, enthusiastic love." Take one of your fresh white rose petals and hold it to your mouth. Become aware of the softness of this petal on your lips—say aloud, "I accept radical softness." Drop this petal inside your apple. Take your hot water, and pour it over top of your rose petal. Say aloud, "I accept deep clarity and warmth."


Stir this mixture clockwise inside your apple—once it's mixed, sip from your apple chalice. As you drink, hold your intention in your mind. How does it feel to receive tenderness from yourself in this way?


Once your entire body feels soft and supple, replace the core of the apple, and bury it close to home. As an alternative, leave the apple as an offering to your allies, the land, your ancestors, or any guides you work with.

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