2021 Seagrape Holiday Shopping Guide!

This year has been a whirlwind, babes. We hope you're hanging in and cultivating joy + pleasure wherever you can. We've put a selection of our very favorite goodies to help you pamper yourself and your loved ones for the holidays. Enjoy!


For Your Witchiest Friend

Your friend always knows what’s up with your horoscope, can whip you up a magical tea, read your tarot cards, or pull out a perfect crystal! Delight them with a new magical tool to support their witchcraft. 


Staff Pick: Call in self care and magic to your ritual. The beautiful Head Witch Gift Set has everything a witchy babe needs to support their craft. Build your Altar with a ceramic snake and beeswax candle, perfect for calling in transformation magic. Head Witch spray is an energetic cleansing formula, featuring scent notes of oakmoss and balsam to ground you. The Witching Hour guided journal helps you cultivate positivity and confidence in your inner magic, and the Neo Tarot is a deck by a Woman of Color devoted to self care. $100 


Golden Gift: Dive into divination with our Tarot Witch Gift Set! This set includes staff favorite deck, the Modern Witch - a colorful and updated take on the classic Rider-Waite deck, a Complete Book of Tarot spreads, featuring 122 card layouts, and a Spells Journal for taking notes and jotting down inspiration! $50 


Small Magic: Crafted locally in Portland, the Magic Hour Candles are the perfect addition to any Witchy home or altar! These candles are formulated with intentions like Gratitude, Protection, Dream, and more! Each candle is infused with different flower and gem essences, and there is a lunar charged gemstone in the bottom of each candle, leaving you with a super charged talisman when your candle is done burning. $25 



For Your Sweetie

When it’s cold outside, heat things up with your sweetie this season! These gifts are perfectly romantic, and will help you both feel indulged, sexy, and luscious. 


Staff Pick: Sweep your sweetie off their feet with this amazing gift set! Set the mood with the Sensual Aphrodisiac tincture blend, featuring juicy damiana and rose petal, and indulge your sweet tooth with shop favorite vegan Ginger Rose chocolate. The massage oil trio and the Massage Candle give you plenty of options for a sensual, soothing massage. And, soap up in a sexy shower with our Indulge Soap! Bring some playful energy to your night withKinky Truth or Dare - a great activity for two (or more!!) players! $101


Golden Gift: Indulge in this aphrodisiac trio of our SEXY gift set! Created with romance, sensuality and amorous spirit in mind, this set is full of sexy luxuries. $50


Small Magic: Dori Midnight's Pleasure Activist Potion is the one to reach for. Made with essences of honey rose, wild ginger, tulip poplar, rainbow shower tree, opal, rhodochrosite, carnelian, dolphin love, hot springs, northern lights, honeybees in spring water and honey brandy. $23 


For Your Radical Activist

For protestors, community activists, teachers, health care workers, fire fighters, grocery clerks, and more; these gifts are chosen to help support energetic boundaries, coming home to self, warding off negative energy, and to help support self care.


Staff Pick: Support self-care for your favorite activist by gifting them the Liberation Work Gift Set. We cannot pour from an empty cup, so nurture boundaries, self care, and resilience with this set. The Neo Tarot deck is a Tarot Deck by a Woman of Color, designed with a focus on self care. Overworked massage oil helps support achy muscles and weary senses with an uplifting and grounding blend of grapefruit and rosemary. Add the YES Liberation tincture to morning tea or take it directly under the tongue - this essence blend is formulated to help support healing in the face of racism, neocolonialism, and oppression. Be inspired with Revolutionary Witchcraft book, and continue the work of self care throughout the year with the guided journal, 52 Weeks of Self care. $110 


Golden Gift: A perfect gift for the times, the Patriarchy Detox set includes everything you need to feel empowered in the face of oppression. The Hex the Patriarchy book has inspiring spells and rituals to help topple the patriarchy, Black Tourmaline helps to enforce boundaries and repel negative energy, and the Cleansing Ritual set is a cute and powerful ritual kit! Finish your ritual with a cleansing shower, the Charcoal Detox soap is formulated with activated charcoal to help magically and physically clear energy and toxins from the skin. $50


Small Magic: Snake Magic is all about transformation and renewal, the energy we need right now in this time of ultimate upheaval. Bring this energy to your altar with a Ceramic Snake Tealight Holder. $28  


For Your Family: 

These gift ideas are perfect for new parents and parenting experts, for teachers, neighbors, and community members - anyone who wants the best for you, guides you, and gives you great hugs! 


Staff Pick: A gift with a little something for everyone - Seagrape’s full line of hand made, organic, sulfate-free soap! Choose the perfect Soap Gift Set (vegan or not) for your loved ones. Three shampoo bars, twelve house specials, and an unreleased custom ritual soap make this gift the ultimate treat. $90- 180 


Golden Gift: The Pamper Gift Set is a collection of soothing treats anyone will love! A lavender bath bomb, Spa Day soap with eucalyptus and lavender, a lavender room and pillow spray, and tingly Sore Muscle Salve! The perfect gift for someone who needs extra relaxation and self care. $50


Small Magic: Aches + Pains Bath Soak is formulated for our friends with chronic pain, achy joints, stress, or any other bodily ache. Vegan and rich in vitamins, minerals, and skin soothing ingredients, this soak can be used as a bath soak or foot soak. The aromatherapy blend of peppermint, rosemary, sage, and lemon reduces stress, increases circulation, and promotes positive energy. $20-30 


For Your Baby Witch

For magic ones of all ages, especially those who find extra delight in a sparkly crystal, who hear the whisper of fairies, and who mix and brew potions out of all the magical things they discover.


Staff Pick: The Little Witch’s Gift Set  is designed for witches 12 and up, and includes shop favorite book “The Little Witch’s Book of Spells” for inspiration and instruction, a spells notebook for jotting down magic, and the Legendary Ladies Goddess Oracle Deck. This kit also comes with everything a little witch needs to start a magical altar; 3 crystals, a ceramic figure that can hold anything from flowers to magical stones, and three chime candles and holders. $100


Golden Gift: The Junior Witch Gift Set is perfect for a witch of any age! The Junior Witch’s Handbook is a beautifully illustrated book with spells, rituals, and inspiration for little witches, and the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck has inspiration from goddesses around the world. The Crystal Altar cloth is perfect for setting up a first altar or space for quiet meditation. $50


Small Magic: For witches who are young or young at heart, the Crystal Pendulum kit has everything you need to learn about this magical divination practice. This set comes complete with a guidebook and crystal pendulum! $20 


For Your Fierce Feminist

Treat your favorite fierce feminist babe to any of these amazing gifts! These items are all hand-made or designed by powerful femme + Queer creators and artists. 


Staff Pick: Saying yes to self- love is a radical act. Embrace it with our Ultimate Babe Gift Set This set includes everything you need to PAMPER, including herbal smokes, luscious perfume, soap, chocolate, a candle, and body oil. YES, you should get yourself one too. $150


Golden Gift: Start your day with passion using our Feminist Coffee Mug. This handmade mug comes with a unique color glaze inside, and a delicious hand-made mushroom cacao drink blend. $50


Small Magic: Adorn yourself in magic with the Hecate Lip Paint Beauty and fierceness are not separate entities. $26 


For Yourself

Embracing self-love, self-compassion, and pleasure are radical acts, and especially important as we close out this incredibly difficult year. The holiday season can often become focused on other people - family expectations, stressful work situations, and more. Take a moment to fill your cup, to indulge your senses and your body in pleasure, and to fortify and support yourself through this dark winter season. Find something to bring you excitement for the coming year, invest in your pleasure! 


Staff Pick: Invest in your craft with any of our Workshops! These classes are hosted on Zoom and accessible world-wide. They cover topics like Astrology, TarotMagic, and more! Taught by power-house witches, healers, and herbalists from across the country (and now, the world!), they are a great way to be in community with other like-minded witches. $120

Another way to invest in your craft is to sign up for our Community Supported Witch Subscription ($75/ mo)! These boxes are crafted with intention and magic, each box is themed with magical tools and herbal medicine to help support you throughout the year. Each box also comes complete with a ritual idea to incorporate these tools into your magical practice. You can also find community and ongoing discussion, self care tips, and videos on our Membership Site ($20/ mo)! 


Golden Gift: Come home to your body as your sanctuary with the In Your Body Gift Set. Build your relationship with a guided journal filled with empowering writing practices, make an altar to yourself with our house-made altar cloth, and indulge your senses with our hand-made Core Body OIl. $55 


Small Magic: Stand in your power, take up more space in the world, and lean into the magical creature that you are with the Head Witch Spray! $26 


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