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Dori is discontinuing her line! This will be the last of this medicine. Once it's gone, it's gone <3

This potion is an ACV (alcohol free)!

Teshuvah elixir is a remedy to support you through the Yamim Noraim/Days of Awe/Jewish High Holy Days. Ritually crafted with essences of plants, stones, and time/space, Teshuvah elixir is not a substitute for the work of teshuvah itself, but rather offers gentle, profound support for the rigorous practices of reflection, repair, restoration, release, and renewal we are invited to do in this season.

Essences are vibrational, energetic, and magical; they are made with deep kavannah/intention and tefila/prayer, capturing the spirit or distillation of the plant, stone, or moment in time. Essences do not contain any physical material of substance itself- they are energetic, working on our hearts, souls, and spirits. They are safe for children and are not contraindicated with any medication or other healing modality. They do not have “side effects”, though most people find them to be gently supportive or possibly more catalyzing and transformational.

How to take Teshuvah elixir:  You are encouraged to trust your intuition and take it as you are inspired and moved. You can place a few drops directly into your mouth, into water or tea, into your bath, a spray bottle, or directly onto your skin. You may want to take your elixir as a ritual, before entering ritual space, attending services, as you need support, or take it every day throughout the ten Days of Awe. You can write, draw, move, or just sit quietly and breathe when you take your elixir. You may want to choose a phrase, a song, a prayer to say when you take it. Take it alone or take it in chevruta/with a friend, or share in community. You can even put drops into  your challah dough, wine or grape juice, or other ritual foods – infusing your food with intention.

Ingredients: essences of pomegranate, apple, garlic, rue, rosemary, willow, ruby, emerald, rose quartz, and new moon mikveh

Alcohol-free: spring water, apple cider vinegar, & honey

The essences

  • Pomegranate: for bursting joy & an abundance of mitzvot/goodness
  • Apple: for cultivating an orchard of love within; strengthens capacity for heart work
  • Garlic: for ancestral protection, more aliveness, & being yourself
  • Rue: for releasing what doesn’t serve you, old stories and patterns
  • Rosemary: for remembering & being remembered; for ancestral guidance, rigor & accountability
  • Willow: for letting go; gentle support if you find yourself in a river of grief
  • Ruby: for finding holy ground wherever you are
  • Emerald: for being held unconditionally
  • Rose Quartz: for self-love and forgiveness
  • New Moon Mikveh: a shofar call by a river;  for collectively supported release, healing, joy, & love; for remembering connection
  • Honey: for sweetening the spirit & the heart as it cracks open

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