Tender Bones

Tender Bones

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Melt away pain, achy joints & tight shoulders with this potent muscle rub

100% free of essential oils

A blend of pain relief herbs for everything from daily neck and shoulder tension to acute nerve pain to injury or overuse.

Solstice wort + broad spectrum hemp reduce pain sensation and reset the nervous system.

Arnica + Yarrow add their own pain lessening properties and soothe bruises, bumps and other injuries.

Comfrey is a specific for bone & joint care topically and has been nicknamed 'knit-bone'.

Made from whole plants slow extracted in organic cold pressed oils to ease swelling and pain.

Suggested use: Massage into sore, inflamed muscles and painful joints to ease swelling, stiffness, bruising, muscle & nerve tension, rheumatic pain and achy joints.

(all organic california grown) solstice wort + hemp + arnica + comfrey + yarrow + wild bergamot bee balm + wild mint + cold pressed olive oil + sunflower oil + beeswax + avocado butter + shea butter

2oz container 

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