Solar Golden Protection Spray

Solar Golden Protection Spray

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Solar Golden Protection Planetary Spray: Be Radiant!

Open to universal love and bask in the protective warmth of the Sun. Great for boosting dynamic leadership, empowering creative self-expression, and positive individuation. Recommended for times of low self-esteem, gloomy weather, environmental stress, melancholy, and when you just can't even. 

Includes essential oil notes of Rosemary, Neroli, Bergamot and other citrus, vibrational essences of St. Joan's Wort, Balsam, Sunflower, Sunstone, Imperial Topaz, personal ceremony and celestial intention. Essential oils are therapeutic grade and either certified organic or chemical free. Locally sourced when possible.

Suggested use: Spray on self, in a room, on linens, or burn in a diffuser when Solar energy is needed.

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