September Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Taking Root

September Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Taking Root

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This month, we're TAKING ROOT in ritual, magic, and pleasure. The riches of the soil right underneath your feet are boundless, and now is the time to journey deep beneath, tend to your vibrant networks of connection and support, and refresh your boundaries so you can reflect and integrate within sanctuary. As we descend into the dark season, reflect on what bloomed for you this summer season—how are you showing gratitude for the guides, guardians, and tools allowing you to sink deeper into connection?

The vitality of all our magical creations depends on the health of our roots, which connect us not only to our communities, but to the land itself. Think of the roots of a tree, endlessly intertwined with the roots of their neighbors, intricately knotted and so, so alive. Creativity and abundance abounds when our energy is most centered and clear—how are you grounding, clearing, and honing in on your heart's needs this month? As the sun descends, light your hearth fire, lean into the soft whispers of your roots, and return to the rich underworld of your heart. It's there that you'll find the sustenance you need to see your creative visions through the dark half of the year.

Taking Root CSW kit contains:


Mushroom Hot Cocoa

DIY candle making + spell

Mushroom Elixir

Ancestor guided meditation recording + spell 

Root and Ritual book

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You can always cancel your subscription by emailing us at by the last day of the month, it's all at your finger tips! Keep in mind that a limited number of kits are made every month so if you cancel your subscription and all the spots are full you may not be able to repurchase one. 

*Once the subscription charge comes through on the first of the month you can no longer cancel that month's order.

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