Seasonal Witchery: LTD Workshop Bundle Gift Set
Seasonal Witchery: LTD Workshop Bundle Gift Set
Seasonal Witchery: LTD Workshop Bundle Gift Set
Seasonal Witchery: LTD Workshop Bundle Gift Set

Seasonal Witchery: LTD Workshop Bundle Gift Set

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The wheel of the year is turning, babe. Are you ready to deepen your relationship to the elements, the seasons, and traditional witchcraft? Sink into your magical practice with renewed energy in the year of the Chariot — join us for a series of four workshops led by witch, herbalist, and artist Ylva Marzanna Radziszewski!

Our Seasonal Witchcraft Bundle includes four workshops designed to guide you through the equinoxes and the solstices, stoke your connection with magical community, and offer you the practical tools you need to walk the path of the traditional witch. Starting in March, we'll chart a course through the four spokes of the year. Sign up NOW to join in on the magic babe (and save nearly $100 with the bundle!)

Class is happening on:
  • March 11th from 12-2pm PST
  • June 10th from 12-2pm PST
  • September 9th from 12-2pm PST
  • December 9th from 12-2pm PST

Self-Devotion: Waking Up Our Magic for the Spring Equinox

  • Differentiate between intuition, instinct, and emotion
  • Explore and tend to your inner altar
  • Activate and explore your witch’s gaze
  • Build foundational psychic skills
  • Empower your intentions through simple charms and chants
Hot Witch Summer: The Erotic Power of the Witch at the Summer Solstice
  • Overview consent magic; exploring ritual eroticism with boundaries between self, entities, and realms
  • Raise and harness the erotic magic of the elements of earth, air, fire, and water
  • Explore your inner pleasure temple; ways of harnessing sensual energy to empower your magic
Taking Root: Grounding and Protection Practices for the Autumnal Equinox
  • Get excited about and deepen into a daily ritual of energetic self-care
  • Perform simple and effective protection spells
  • Identify and tend to energetic cords; simple DIY cord-cutting techniques
  • Construct and employ energetic shields for psychic self-defense
Basking In Your Glow: Hearth Magic for Turning Inward this Winter Solstice
  • Develop rituals of energetically and spiritually cleansing your home
  • Engage with your dwellings as a personal temple 
  • Draft your own sigils to ward and protect your dwelling place
  • Create inward reflection practices to support your personal self explorations

    About the Instructor:

    Ylva Mara (she/they) is a traditional witch, published author, artist, and herbalist. She's also the founder of The School of Traditional Magic, a former High Priestess of Cunning Crow Apothecary & Witches Temple, and one half of the Living Altar. You can find her work on Instagram here


    This discounted workshop bundle is a limited offer, with only TEN discounted bundles available. These classes are hosted on Zoom with a 30 day video replay (even if you can't make it to the LIVE class) and are accessible world-wide. Closed captions, as well as a complimentary PDF of workshop materials, are included in each event!

    Make a witchy babe smile, and get this magical bundle as a gift!

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