October Ritual Witch Subscription: Tending

October Ritual Witch Subscription: Tending

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Welcome to your monthly pleasure spells! We've put together a monthly subscription of our favorite Seagrape tools, limited edition creations like Ritual Soap and more!

The Ritual Witch sets ship on the 10th of the each month.


The veil is thin now - tap into ancient wisdom of the earth, the moon, your body, and your ancestors to create balance within yourself. Create balance through emotional, magical, and physical support through the changing seasons with this month's theme of TENDING. This kit contains a Tending Tea Blend, featuring herbs that invite in self-compassion, clearing, and protection. Take a moment to have a cup of tea with the energy of those who love you without question, and hear their messages of healing. Use our hand-made bar of Spiced Chai soap to invigorate your energy, ground you in your body, and provide deep comfort. Tend to yourself in the present moment, and allow yourself to be healed by the past. 

Set includes:


Spiced Chai soap

Tending tea blend

Chime candle + spell

Look for supporting blogs, workshops, and the CSW within the same theme!