October Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Tending Your Inner Witch

October Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Tending Your Inner Witch

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The season of the witch is here, babe! As we dip behind the thinning veil, October offers us the chance to connect with our ancestral knowing, tap into our intuitive nature, and tend to the magic that's been with us all along. Now is the time to reach for your ancestors and stoke your inner flame through dance, pleasure, self-care and unabashed presence. Extend gentle nourishment to your body, your home, and all sacred containers you step into this month. Check in with your own needs, and reinvigorate the living boundaries surrounding your spiritual and mental health. To tend is to give and to receive; by care taking and receiving care in return, you invoke emotional, physical, and magical balance. Give yourself permission to receive this October. This is a potent time to ask for what is needed, give what you are able, and reestablish pathways towards ritual and magic. Autumn is a time of deep reverence—for the seasonal wheel, for the self, and for the magic-makers who came before us. Sit in contemplative, fertile darkness this month. Call upon ancestors of blood and of culture by honoring them, and feel their unbounded support through your own unbounded light.

Tending Your Inner Witch CSW kit contains:


Pure Magic Oracle deck + Custom Spread

Handmade spelled Iris divination chime candle + candle ritual

5 Magical Apothecary Herb jars

Seasonal house made Chai soap

Screen printed Magical blank notebook

Handmade ceramic moon dish

See a video of all the items here!


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