Ms. Tea Ritual Hydrosols
Ms. Tea Ritual Hydrosols
Ms. Tea Ritual Hydrosols
Ms. Tea Ritual Hydrosols
Ms. Tea Ritual Hydrosols
Ms. Tea Ritual Hydrosols
Ms. Tea Ritual Hydrosols
Ms. Tea Ritual Hydrosols

Ms. Tea Ritual Hydrosols

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Herbal remedies for these times. Ms. Tea believes that collective healing is requisite to individual self care. They operate through principles of community and reciprocity by donating a portion of all proceeds to QTBIPOC-led organizations and folks at the intersection of social and environmental justice.

Spray onto clean skin & hair, into the bath or on your bed pillow. Use as a ritual mist to access intentional space for meditation, spells, dreamwork and visioning.

Wandering Sage

A highly aromatic and otherworldly ritual mist of hydrosols and flower essences of California desert and mountain landscapes. To protect and fortify the energetic field while remembering our ancestors and connecting to a well of deep inner wisdom.  

Contains: distilled water, white sage, black sage, clary sage, mugwort, sweet annie, chaparral, sagebrush, copper alembic

Tulsi Sands

This blend nurtures sensual joy, self love and acceptance, helps ease sorrow, and opens our hearts to radical pleasure and compassion. Use as a face and body mist to resist inner & outer stressors, protect cells from oxidative damage and reduce inflammation or as a ritual mist to clear space, support balance and focus intentions.

Contains: tulsi holy basil, damask rose, frankincence, distilled water, copper alembic, ancient alchemy

Forest Ritual

Commune with the spirit of the mountain and ancient conifer forests. Move your blood where it needs to go.
Incense cedar carries an aroma of citrus and pine that will transport you deep into the forest. Pennyroyal has traditionally been used by those who menstruate to bring on blood flow or as an insect repellant.
Essence of ancient oak, usnea lichen, chrysocolla and green fluorite deepen our attunement to the vibrations and consciousness of the Earth, allowing us to speak our highest truth and foster mutual protection and reciprocity.
These ancient tree, lichen and stone beings offer their protective forest magic to connect with deep time, clarify intention and cleanse the energetic field of unwanted influences.

Contains: distilled water, cedar bough, pennyroyal, usnea, oak, pine, chrysocolla, fluorite, gem essence, environmental essence, forest magic

Dream Plant 

Thin the veil between worlds, access your dream space, call forth symbolic visions and forge mystical pathways to walk with ancient ones as you drift into slumber.

Mugwort aka mucgwyrt aka Mongach has been used for centuries in European folk medicine as an ally for dreaming — to support vivid dreams + visions, commune with ancestors and deep nonlinear time.

Lavender is a supreme nervine to ground and soothe all manner of excitation and elicit serene peace amidst chaos. Just gazing at this plant can ease nervous tension, quiet overactive thoughts, and encourage us tobreathe deeply and relax.

Clary sage promotes focus and clarity of intention while expanding the gateways of consciousness. The blend of plants in this bottle represent a protected container, a way to commune with the nonhuman world and remember the land that holds us.

Essence of rainbow moonstone, vervain, labradorite and lapis lazuli encourage us to slow down and revel in the cyclical passage of nonlinear time, grounding emotional light & shadow into the body to facilitate multidimensional travel and commune with galactic consciousness.

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