March Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Self-Devotion

March Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Self-Devotion

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 Welcome to March. Do you smell it? Do you hear it? The crisp and fresh breath of air is whispering new promises of sweet sunshine and fragrant offerings of the earth. Rainclouds begin to smile down upon their hard earned work, reveling in the change of landscape as it transforms - slow, but persistent. This is how we grow, in out bodies, minds, and hearts. Self-kindness, generosity, patience and care will nourish us as rainfall does to the plants and mosses. May we rightfully praise our juiciness, fullness, and the blossoming allure of life as we slowly unfold, petal by petal.

This months theme is SELF DEVOTION - shout it from the rooftops! Or perhaps whisper it into your bath tub, or stir it into your kitchen cauldron if that feels best. We all witch differently, and this months theme asks us to explore our individual needs. What do you hope for? How will you bring those hopes into your world? We were meant to fall in love with ourselves first and last. During March, our CSM box offers tangible and magical ways to tap into our true devotion to self, and our workshops deep-dive into the nature of growth, from the garden bed to the bedroom.

Self-Devotion CSW Box contains:

  • Erotic tarot


    Notebook, pen + custom spell

  • Sweet musk massage oil

  • Rose nectar potion

  • Custom house made Self-Devotion aura spray


You can always cancel your subscription by emailing us at 48hrs before the first of the month, it's all at your finger tips! Keep in mind that a limited number of kits are made every month so if you cancel your subscription and all the spots are full you may not be able to repurchase one. 

*Once the subscription charge comes through on the first of the month you can no longer cancel that month's order.

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