Lodestone Gemstone

Lodestone Gemstone

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Lodestone is a heavy mineral, and focuses energy in a down direction, solidifying through the channels as it passes down the energy system. It sparks in places around the eyes, bridge of the nose and then passes more calmly down the spinal column.

Its effects are more noticeable as it reaches the lower back and hips where it collects and then passes down round the back of the highs, circling the knees and ankles before grounding around the feet. Once there it sparks again sending a pseudo electrical current sharply up and out of the complete energy system. It's for this reason that the mineral has been used in magical practice for the purpose of grounding an intension. Its often use in conjunction with magnetite; which aids in the sparking process. This whole scenario is inline with the lightning strike mention in kabbalic references, and is a kin to the raising and drawing process within Tantric yoga. On both the down ward and upward movements of the energy, the channels around the hands and wrists are activated.         Despite the magical references, this mineral also has use in healing. It can be used to assist the strength of the lower back, joints, and rectum. In addition it has an effect of increasing the eyes focal ability.


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