Dream Keeper Balm

Dream Keeper Balm

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Access vivid dreams and traverse the threshold with guides & ancestors

100% free of essential oils 

The practice of self-massage is a key part of my daily rituals. A way to reset & relax my delicate nervous system, call my energy back from negative patterns and dysphoria. To hold myself in the colder months when stiffness sets in.

Mugwort {liath lus} has been used for centuries as an ally for dreaming, threshold work, queer fluidity, to facilitate vivid dreams & commune with ancestors.

Yarrow moves the blood where it needs to flow and supports healthy intimacy & boundaries as you journey.

Garden grown black + white sage protect the auric field and create a safe passage for dreamwork and astral travel.

Suggested use: Massage into the lower abdomen to relieve cramps & ground yourself. Rub onto neck & shoulders to moisturize, assist dreaming, promote clarity and melt away stress. Apply to pulse points or all over.

Cautions: Not for use in pregnancy unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider.

(all organic california grown) cali + european mugwort + black sage + white sage + yarrow + cold pressed organic olive oil

1 oz 


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