Daily Self-Love Gift Set

Daily Self-Love Gift Set

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Nurture your daily self-love practice with this sweet kit. Perfect for morning rituals!

Write your morning pages with the prompts from the Daily Self Love workbook, light your purple candle to connect to the Divine, and spritz your Illuminated Aura Mist for a bright sparkly energy cleanse. Deep Light massage oil is a sweet gift to yourself, a tool to thank your physical body and soothe sore muscles. Finish your ritual with a sweet treat, Ginger Rose chocolate invites in sweetness, self love, and is Vegan + Gluten Free! 

This sweet gift set includes:

- Daily Self Love daily pages

- 1 Dark Chocolate Ginger Rose bar  

- Chime Candle and Holder - Purple/Lilac for spirit 

- Magic Matches 

- Illuminated Aura Mist 

- Deep Light massage oil (2oz)