Lavender Organic Essential Oil

Lavender Organic Essential Oil

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In aromatherapy, Lavender is one of (if not) the most commonly used essential oils due to its general availability, modest price, versatility and universally pleasant scent. Lavender has been an integral part of fine fragrances for centuries - it is a middle to top note, can be used as a perfume modifier, and can also help mask unpleasant aromas of oils you want to use in blends. It can be safely applied topically to cuts, burns and bruises, but is also inhaled to help calm those who are experiencing nervous or bodily tension.3 Supporting research has shown Lavender to have “calming and mood-enhancing effects, evidenced in several studies on humans.” 4


Aromatic Profile: Intense sweet-herbaceous/floral aroma; greener and less sweet and with a deeper aroma than our other Lavenders.

Appearance: Colorless, transparent, very mobile liquid.

Use: Aromatherapy, Natural Perfumery.

5ml bottle

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