Red Mandarin Essential Oil

Red Mandarin Essential Oil

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Like most citrus peel oils, chemical analysis of the Mandarins reveals a limonene dominance plus nearly a dozen tart, citrusy aldehydes at low concentrations that nonetheless contribute significantly to the overall aroma. One thing that distinguishes the Mandarins from Tangerine oils is a small percentage of methyl-N-methyl anthranilate, a nitrogen compound found more abundantly in the leaf oil (Mandarin Petitgrain) that contributes to the deeply relaxing effects of this oil.7,8 The simple cheer and sweet warmth of the Mandarins are a boon to the spirit, making their appearance in mid-winter even more welcome.

Aromatic Profile: Smooth, sweet-tart citrus aroma typical of Mandarin with a slight floral undertone.

Appearance: Orange to reddish, transparent mobile liquid.

Use: Aromatherapy / Natural Perfumery.

5ml bottle