Moonwort | Womb Oil

Moonwort | Womb Oil

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A slow-infused oil blend to ease tension, soften tissues, and move stagnant energy around the low belly. 

Ingredients: Oil infusion of *Mugwort, *Yarrow, and Douglas Fir, *Sunflower Oil, *Olive Oil, *Castor Oil, Essential Oils of Clary Sage, *Lavender, *Cypress, *Basil, and Geranium.

To use:
Warm a dropperful of oil between your hands then place your hands on your low belly. Take a moment to connect with your body and set an intention. With gentle pressure, massage in slow clockwise circles around your navel. If you find areas that feel tender or sensitive, explore them with a sense of curiosity rather than trying to "fix" them.

2 oz. bottle

*certified organic

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