Intuition Gift Set

Intuition Gift Set

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Nurture your intuition with a set full of dreamy herbal allies. 

Use these tools to tap into your intuition, open your psychic channels, and connect to the divine. 

This sweet gift set includes:

- Mercury Clarity Tea: Studious, Versatility, Articulation. Contains gotu kola, eleuthero root, rosemary, yarrow, peppermint, sage.

- Lavender Massage Oil (2oz): Pure English Lavender scents this luscious massage oil, use in a ritual bath or for ritual self massage. 

- Seer Anointing oil and perfume: A ritual blend, perfect for anointing candles or temples and pulse points before meditation. Scent notes of tobacco, dusk, warm spices, rain soaked woods, autumn, golden hour, trusting your gut, silk, and ancestors

- Gemstone Pendulum: A divination tool, this intuitively chosen gemstone pendulum can help you tap into your intuition 

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