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06-22-2022 - Hot Witch Summer: Water Magic with the Slavic Rusalka

Rusalka is an enigmatic symbol of mysterious power and ferocious feminity; she gracefully holds in her image the duality of the female spirit, the wild, and the gentle. In this 2-hour workshop, we'll explore her image, folklore, and magic, and how we can interact with her through ritual.




This is a live workshop, with a recording available for 1 week sent out to all registered participants.

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About the Instructor:

Vlasta is a Russian and Mordovian native folk practitioner with Slavic and Finno-Ugric (Erzya) background. She runs “Gentle Hearts Unite” an independent zine that celebrates nature and explores an intersection of ideas in folklore, science, astrology, and witchcraft. Vlasta regularly creates content around cultural knowledge, mysticism and folklore for her 280K audience on TikTok and Instagram. Find her on Instagram here and TikTok here.

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