Badass Babe Gift Set

Badass Babe Gift Set

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Stand in your power! Take up space, speak your truth, let your power be known! We love watching you shine. 

You'll get a beautifully gift wrapped box of tools specially chosen to help you embrace your inner badass babe! 

Gift set includes: 


Witches Bitches & HoesAn elixir for deep healing and radiant protection for edge walkers, shape shifters, those who dwell between the worlds (and genders), magicians, priestesses, sex workers, and lovers of the great mother.

Head Witch Aura Spray: These sprays were formulated with magical intention. Use them to mist your body and surroundings to clear your energy, before or after ritual or prayer, or any time you need a magical pick-me-up.

Laurus Roll On Perfume: A lovely combination of elevating organic essential oils, formulated specifically for our friends with anxiety, stress, or nervous energy.

Confidence Ritual KitDraw others to you by focusing on your unique allure.

Vegan Black Leather Journal: Keep track of your mood, write out your intentions, and more! 

Sticker: Every badass babe needs a cute sticker 


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