August Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Full Bloom

August Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Full Bloom

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August is here, and magic is in FULL BLOOM babe!

As the earth unfurls in the late summer heat, feel the petals of your divine body stretching as widely as they can. Your body is sacred in all its forms—allow it to take up the space it needs! Dance by candlelight, breathe deep, let your hair grow wild, wiggle your naked toes into the soil. Revel in the fragrances and unruly sensations of embodiment. You body holds a capacity for abundance beyond common understanding, babe. Take time this month to sit in awe of the full radiance of your magic. You don't just have enough; you're the physical expression of the earth's bounty, abundance, and pleasure. How are you reminding yourself to reach for more, to ask for more? This radiant garden of your body is your most luxurious altar, and it holds the answers to all of your most vulnerable questions. Treat it accordingly.

Full Bloom CSW kit contains:


2 Summer Soaps

Full Bloom Solid Perfume

Kooch Quench Salve

Ritual Bath Bomb

Joyful Coloring Book

+ custom step by step spell


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