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We will intuitively choose a stone for you! It may either be polished or raw.

Amethyst is a very powerful crystal for healing. It is know to calm and bring clarity to the mind, to relieve stress, sooth sadness, anger and anxiety and balance mood swings. It helps us to focus and stimulates motivation, concentration and memory. Amethyst activates our intuitive and psychic abilities, aids in meditation and is said to attract justice.
Amethyst balances the hormones, strengthens the immune system and has a stimulating effect on the metabolism. It also has sobering powers and its name comes from the Greek word meaning ‘without drunkenness’. Amethyst eases stress and insomnia, promoting peaceful sleep. Rubbed against the forehead, it eases headaches and releases tension. It encourages humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom. Amethyst is a healing stone for blood related problems and diseases of the lung.

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