4-Step Skin Care Gift Set

4-Step Skin Care Gift Set

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It’s a moment of self devotion, tending to your largest organ (your skin!) It’s a way to start a busy day with a fresh face and fresh mindset, and to wash the day away and begin relaxing your body for bed at the end of the day.  

This kit has all you need for an easy skin care routine:

Step 1: Oil Based Cleanser: Using two types of cleanser may sound like unnecessary work, but it is actually a more gentle way to cleanse the skin. First, use a moisturizing oil-based cleanser to gently remove makeup, excess sebum, and pollution from your day. Oil adheres to oil, so massage a quarter size amount of the Blue Chamomile Cleansing Oil onto dry skin, taking extra care with the delicate skin around the eyes. Rinse well with water and watch all your makeup melt away.

Step 2: Water Based Cleanser. A gentle, simple soap works for this step best - Seagrape’s best sellers are perfect for facial bars, as they have active ingredients that are specially formulated for common skin issues. Choose the bar that's suited for your skin type: 

-Golden Milk has turmeric and coconut milk that can soothe sensitive skin.

-Indulge has red clay and goat’s milk for a gently exfoliating experience for dry skin.

-Charcoal Detox has activated charcoal that can help pull impurities from pores for acne prone or oily skin. 

Step 3: Toner. Your skin is clean, prepped, and ready to absorb products! Toner is designed to help prep your skin and pores to better absorb moisture - delivered by moisturizer or serum in your next step. Sage + Rose is a gentle and aromatic mist for face and neck. 

Step 4: Moisturize. A moisturizer delivers hydration deep into your pores plumping your skin cells so your skin looks dewy and soft. Seagrape's Pomegranate is the perfect blend of light and hydrating oils for this step! 


Each set contains: 1 oil cleanser, 1 bar of handmade soap, toner, and serum

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