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11-11-2020 - Plants Against the Patriarchy: Invoking the Allyship of Magical Plants

We typically think of working with plants for personal benefit, but by opening up to a subtle and deeper global awareness, certain herbaceous friends want to assist in addressing larger issues stemming from capitalism and patriarchy. In this class, we tap into the healing wisdom contained within the green Earth, and learn which specific plants want to assist us in creating a more balanced, more just world that we all want to live in.

Join astrologer and herbalist JP Hawthorne as we discuss a materia medica (therapeutic & healing properties) of 18 specific plants, vibrational methods of working with plants, and recommendations for your astrological sun sign.

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About your instructor:

JP Hawthorne is both an herbalist and a full-time practicing astrologer for 10 years. He is the founder of the Portland School of Astrology, the largest astrology school and community in the United States. JP works with hundreds of students and clients each year and has been featured at Nike, Reed College, Portland State University, KGW-TV News, 107.1FM X-Ray, Interview magazine, and more. JP is the author of Plants Against the Patriarchy and is currently writing a full-length book about Astral-Herbalism titled BioCosmophilia: the Confluence of Plants, Planets and People.