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07-31-2020 - Coming Home to Self: Ritual Bathing and Folk Medicine

Most people don't think of the bathroom as sacred, but in my experience thats where I've done most of my healing and visioning work.

Ideas and information from Spirit seem to flow freeer in water, allowing the soft whispers of Divine insperation through so we may hear it in our receptine and relaxed state. Ritual bathing can be a practical and beautiful way to develop a self-care routine that allows you to connect back to yourself, afterall you are HOME in your body.

We will cover the basics of Ritual Bathing, including tools, using what you have to create sacred space, ways to invite beauty in, how to work with a bath-side Altar, and lots of DIY recipes to enhance your bathing experience.


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Maria Vashakidze is the owner and formulator of Seagrape Apothecary, a company started in 2009 out of love for scent. She runs a community oriented brick and mortar shop with a full line of in-house made apothecary products andritual tools to help you turn self-care into a love affair!