Sweet Magic Event Space

07-11-2020 - The Magic of Touch: Self-Massage for Healing & Pleasure

Wondering what type of witchcraft is right for you? Perhaps the answer begins and ends with your own pleasure. Join Haylin Belay, sexual health educator and creator of My Feminism Involves Witchcraft, to explore what it means to be a "pleasure witch," and how this form of personal practice can be a powerful tool for self-exploration, trauma healing, and manifestation magic. This beginner-friendly workshop will cover the relationship between intuition and pleasure, the difference between pleasure witchcraft and sex magic, and concludes with a guided, gentle moving meditation to help you connect to your own experience of pleasure. Whether you're an experienced witch or a complete novice, you'll learn practical, trauma-responsive strategies for centering pleasure in your witchcraft, and in your daily life.

* Please note that this is a LIVE digital event with a 2 week replay video post class. Due to this, no refunds are available for this class.


Teacher Bio:

Haylin Belay is a sexual health expert, yoga instructor, and intuitive witch. She is the creator of My Feminism Involves Witchcraft (Femiwitch) as well as Sex Ed For All. With over a decade of experience in health and wellness education, her expertise is in holistic, trauma-responsive approaches to social-emotional development and using witchcraft to promote mind-body wellness. For more information, visit www.haylin.co.