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10-22-2022 - Fun With Psychics: A Witches Salon to Explore Ancestral Communication

Join The Living Altar for a casual psychic salon to explore and develop techniques with ancestral communication. We will discuss basic techniques of accessing the ancestral field for the purpose of honoring and communicating with ancestors and helping spirits. We will also engage in a number of psychic exercises and games that will invigorate, stretch, and entice your mediumship muscles!! This gathering will be salon styled gathering in the virtual plane, led by Kiki Robinson and Ylva Mara Radziszewski via Zoom. We recommend preparing by tending your ancestral altars, and ask that you arrive grounded and with an invitation for your curiosity to be present. We welcome participation on any level you feel comfortable; this gathering is for intermediate witchy babes, and a foundational spiritual cosmology and personal relationship with magic will be helpful. A powerful way to learn is through experience. The general structure of our Ancestral psychic salon will include the following objectives outlined below:

  • Basic energetic clearing and grounding techniques
  • A circle casting to ensure we are working safely
  • An honoring of the ancestors
  • A brief discussion on ancestral mediumship topics to prepare us for the exercises

The second half of our gathering will be spent engaging a variety of exercises to connect and communicate with the ancestral field.

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This is a live, virtual workshop. The first hour of class will be recorded, and the replay will be available for 30 days.

If you are unable to attend the event, please cancel your ticket to make room for other folks looking to join the magic!

We use Zoom for online workshops—please have the app downloaded if using a phone.

Enrollment is accepted up until the day of the event.

Technical difficulties on the attendees end (sound issues, tardiness, wifi connection, video cut out, etc.) do not entitle attendees to a refund. We recommend signing on 10 minutes early to sort out any issues.

Seagrape does not offer guidance around computer or Zoom usage, though we do send out a link including instructions on how to use Zoom 24 hours prior to all workshops.

Honor the privacy of others; what is said and shared in a workshop is not meant to share outside of the workshop except for what instructors give permission to share.

Questions? Email us at events@seagrapeapothecary.com

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