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06-24-2022 - Hot Witch Summer: Crafting Pleasure Rituals with Venus

The nodes in our natal chart show us the paths we've traveled and the paths we seek for growth and expansion, challenging us to step into new experiences in an effort to gain wholeness of self. In this 2-hour workshop, Taylor will discuss the rich significance of the north node and its connection to the soul's deepest aspirations, and help frame how to approach the lessons learned that are ready to be released through the south node. Together, we will explore the emerging themes of abundance, sensuality, and pleasure as the north node currently moves through Venus-ruled Taurus, and bring attention to patterns and problems to examine as the south node travels through Scorpio. Together, we will overview:

  • The significance of the nodes in the natal chart through the signs & houses from a beginner's perspective
  • Themes of the north node in Taurus & the south node in Scorpio through the houses
  • Themes of Venus entering Taurus & ruling the north node
  • Working with Venus in ritual

Attendees will learn how to cultivate the magic of this transit through their own charts and how to work with Venus in ritual, then use this information to outline their goals and dreams and craft a personalized ritual to bring them to beautiful and conscientious fruition!

Taylor will anchor this journey through a collective tarot pull and attendees will leave with ritual guidance and tarot prompts to take home. This workshop is an introduction to the nodes in the natal chart intended to initiate exploration of this soul energy, anchor new knowledge through ritual and reflection, and support further journeying into these themes beyond class. Please bring journaling tools and any ritual objects you feel called to cleanse and charge in community as Venus enters Taurus. Participants are encouraged to share and exchange their discoveries and experiences.



This is a live workshop, with a recording available for 1 week sent out to all registered participants.

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About the Instructor:

Taylor Ursula (she/they) merges traditional and modern astrology to explore karma, purpose, and passion through a cohesive and story-driven approach that incorporates and integrates previously buried shadow material. She creates group containers for radical ritualistic healing and has offered the popular course series "Exploring the Inner Child through the IC." Taylor has spoken at the Fresh Voices of Astrology, the Queer Astrology, and the Astrology of Awakening conferences, and has contributed to the CUSP app, NFLUX Magazine, and the 2022 edition of Many Moons. Find her on Instagram here.

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