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10-15-2022 - Tending Your Inner Witch: Magical and Elemental Tools for the DIY Witch

Tending to our inner witch — to both the most powerful and tender parts of ourselves — is an essential, challenging, and nourishing practice that we must actively cultivate and deepen. It also necessitates that we give ourselves this permission and space; an emotional practice of accommodation where we come to understand ourselves as instruments worthy of tending.

In this 2 hour workshop, we will begin by asking what it means to understand ourselves as the apparatus where the magic happens. We will imagine ourselves as instruments, and tools as extension of ourselves. We will explore how to connect and attune with elemental tools, and then how to care for, deepen, and apply these tools to ritual, divination, and spellcraft.

This exploration will be situated within the concept of an elemental tool belt — through an elemental framework, we will consider the emotional/intuitive (water), intellectual/communicative (air), operational/primal (fire), and material (earth) to come into deeper relationship with what is around us, to consider tools as elemental extensions allowing us to not only deepen our relationship with said element, but also to draw on and harness the elemental energy and power to make magic and meaning.

Concepts we’ll explore in this 2 hour workshop:

  • Developing/deepening our elemental tool belt: how to use what we already have around us to call on and connect with the elements (including herbs, water, dirt, flame, reflective surfaces, and our bodies) for magic making, ritual, and divination
  • Breath work as a tool of the element of air
  • Deepening our somatic relationship to our hands for divination (earth and fire)
  • Tarot as a tool of subconscious conversing (air and water)
  • Using the elements as allies for the practices of emotional witnessing and releasing

Please gather the following items for our workshop:

  • Pen and paper
  • Tarot deck
  • String
  • A small bowl of water
  • Salt
  • Any herb you have around or feel drawn to
  • A stone, rock, or crystal
  • Candle
  • Match/lighter
  • Fire safe dish



This live, online workshop will be recorded. A replay will be available for 30 days sent out to all registered participants.

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