Gentle Hearts Unite Zine: Dangerous Woman

Gentle Hearts Unite Zine: Dangerous Woman

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“Gentle Hearts Unite” Zine #3 celebrates nature and explores an intersection of ideas in folklore, science, astrology, and witchcraft. In this issue, you will find original articles:

  1. Baba Yaga, traditional lore and alternative history;

  2. Fantasy Fiction, beginners guide to Enchanted Literature: The Fae;

  3. The full history of Samhain and it’s Eastern European analog Makosh;

  4. Blood soup recipe (it’s actually just borscht);

  5. Nettle: magical and medicinal uses;

  6. “Gamayun and Alkonost” : Half-woman half-bird Eastern European lore;

  7. “Rusalka”: Eastern European Mermaids: traditional and alternative lore

    and much more!

The cover of the zine is printed on white speckle 65lb cardstock. The zine is assembled and stitched by hand

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