Body Wise 2021 Gift Set
Body Wise 2021 Gift Set
Body Wise 2021 Gift Set
Body Wise 2021 Gift Set
Body Wise 2021 Gift Set
Body Wise 2021 Gift Set
Body Wise 2021 Gift Set
Body Wise 2021 Gift Set

Body Wise 2021 Gift Set

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2021 Lunar Calendar, Altar Cloth & Zine 

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As we say goodbye to 2020 it's time to lean into the wisdom and softness of our bodies. With the state of the world in such flux, coming back to ourselves- in all of our messy and beautiful glory is the best New Year resolution we can have. 

2021 is the year of the Hierophant tarot card, here to teach us about leaning into tradition and sacred mysteries. The energy asks us: What are my values? What path is ahead? Where do I put my faith? What traditions speak to me? Let the answers come to you slowly and know them within yourself first and foremost.

The Hierophant holds archetypal knowledge, rooted in the earth and mycelium, freely sharing ancient wisdom with those ready to hear it. Can you lean into your body as the wise messenger tapped into the mycelium of the world, listening to the messages and teachings flowing from your very core? Only from a place of knowing ourselves, trusting our bodies, and leaning into the tenderness of interdependence can we move forward with the strength necessary in these uncertain times. 

This magical gift set of the 2021 Lunar calendar, Altar cloth, and book is a gentle guiding light, beckoning you back home. Tenderness, trust, gratitude for this messy human experience and the knowledge that we ebb and flow like the Moon, always changing and growing, is infused into this set. If you need a spell for embodiment to start you on a new year or journey, this is it. 

What is included in the set : 

Lunar Calendar - Use the Lunar calendar to track the Moon phases and the sign the Moon is in and note how they affect your mood, cycle and energy throughout the months. Plan spell work and rituals to nourish yourself and the collective, and remember always that your body is a sanctuary- an Altar. 

Altar Cloth - Use this cloth as daily inspiration on your Altar, in your kitchen, or hung on your wall. Let the softness of the bodies soften the way you walk through the world. Let the plant allies present protect your home and your ritual space as you use the cloth.

Journal - Use this journal to meditate on the monthly journaling prompts, leaning into a magical practice of tuning into your body, and coming home to yourself. Full of gentle prompts, suggestions for working with Hierophant energy throughout the year, and more, this book will be your bodywise companion for the entire year.

Send a loved one this set to remind them to trust their body, and their own magic. 

Put the calendar up on your bedroom wall as a daily reminder of the ways you wax, wane, and grow like the Moon. 

Add the Altar cloth to your living room Ancestral Altar to invite the strength of your Spirit allies on this journey. 

Incorporate the journaling prompts in the book in your morning practice or Moon rituals. 

You are magic, let yourself lean into it!

We only have 100 holiday sets available now so if you want one make sure you pre-order them before they are all gone. 

We are so excited to help you or a loved one welcome in the new year in a way that feels nurturing, supportive, and magical. Let’s make 2021 more magical than ever!

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