November Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Shadow Work

November Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Shadow Work

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As we step into this new month, and the theme of CHRYSALIS, prepare to shed all that no longer serves you, babes.

You're safe here, in this in-between space between change. Now is the time to observe your growth from the inside out, to notice what shadows are lurking in your consciousness wanting to be noticed, and to draw strength from vulnerability. Outside this chrysalis, the world is scary, and large, and constantly changing. But aren't you constantly changing too? Think of the moth, breaking free of its chrysalis and bursting into the dark months with glee and eagerness. Be the moth this month, babe. Make space for the wilderness of your emotions, and explore.

Shadow Work CSW kit contains:


Sacred Boundaries oil 

Gold Mining the Shadows workbook

Ritual salve

Pomegranate tarot pouch

Moonlit Mint Herbal Tea


You can always cancel your subscription by emailing us at by the last day of the month, it's all at your finger tips! Keep in mind that a limited number of kits are made every month so if you cancel your subscription and all the spots are full you may not be able to repurchase one. 

*Once the subscription charge comes through on the first of the month you can no longer cancel that month's order.

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