Puro Protection Shielding Spray

Puro Protection Shielding Spray

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Dispel and deflect any negative vibrations with a mist to reinforce your psychic armor.  Use as a protective ally to help set etheric boundaries, seal your corporeal puertas (doors), and encourage the body to move protective Qi (vital energy) to the surface.  Made for those in the healing arts, during ritual work, empathic exchanges, or to redirect anything trying to f*ck with your flow!

Gently shake and lightly mist the back of neck, chest, navel, low back, joints, and any sacred spaces or ritual instruments. Use with caution on sensitive areas/skin.

Essential oil blend of cinnamon bark, ginger, rosewood, sandalwood, frankincense, juniper, and cedarwood. Herbal root essence of angelica, astragalus, and white peony. 

Instilled with lunar-charged black tourmaline spring water.