Call in Joy Gift Set

Call in Joy Gift Set

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We could all use a little extra sparkle these days, right? This set is made to call in joy in all its forms. A perfect gift for a friend or coworker who's smile lights up your zoom calls, a gift for yourself to brighten your day, or for anyone who needs some extra sparkly love! 

This joyful gift set includes:

Dew Drop Elixir: A plant and essence formula for restoring a child-like sense of joy, wonder, and imagination. For opening back up to self and others after a period of isolation.

Marigold Flower Essence: A wonderful essence that acts as a guiding light, connecting us to ancestral energies and increasing our intuitive powers.

Orange Sage Soap: Scintillating, tender, and uplifting - this handmade soap is an exfoliating and delicious bar of goodness!

Blossom Roll On PerfumeSoft scents of blooming buds, orange blossom, and fresh juicy grapefruit swirl together to create a sparkling blend suitable for all day wear. 

Pamplemousse (Grapefruit) Vegan Dark ChocolateThe burst of juicy citrus flavor paired with intoxicatingly smooth single origin dark chocolate make this bar crisp and refreshing like no other.

Sticker: Because what's more joyful than a sticker? 


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