Saturn in Pisces Gift Kit

Saturn in Pisces Gift Kit

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This gift set contains tools that you can use to support yourself through Saturn's transit in Pisces. Yes, it can be difficult, but it could also be a time for us to build support in our bodies and in our boundaries! Saturn outlines what isn't working, and what structures need to be shifted. 

  • Create an altar to yourself and the magic you hold in the world with our Alchemy Altar Cloth
  • Sink into a bath and soothe your Saturnian bones after a long day with Aches and Pains Bath Soak
  • Protect yourself from outer harm and malefic energies by spritzing yourself with Boundaries in a Bottle, an amazing spray by Dori Midnight that smells of Pine and Cedar. 
  • Cleanse your space with the Uplift Bundle from Necessary Magic, that features the magical qualities of Eucalyptus, Cedar, Rosemary, Purple Dead Nettle, and Bay Leaf. 


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