Plants Against the Patriarchy Vibrational Essences

Plants Against the Patriarchy Vibrational Essences

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We typically think of working with plants for personal benefit, but by opening to a subtle and deeper awareness, certain herbaceous friends want to assist in addressing larger global issues, stemming from capitalism and patriarchy. With Plants Against the Patriarchy, we tap into the healing wisdom contained within the green Earth, and learn which plants want to assist us in creating a balanced world that we all want to live in.

Includes flower essence, organic alcohol as preservative, magical and celestial intention.

Suggested use: Take 3 drops, 3x a day orally, in water or put a drop on the skin. Best before and after bedtime and without food or drink. Sit quietly or journal daily to note subtle shifts and new awareness around the issue you’ve chosen to work with.

Apple: Herbal Ally of Venus | Get In Your Body
Prioritizes attention to the body by breaking away from the societal distractions such as work, social media, hyper-intellectualism. Motivating to take better care of ourselves, be fully present in the body, adjusting internalized fallacies about our bodies.

Burdock: Herbal Ally of Venus | Rage the Pach
For those plagued by symptoms of patriarchy, or self-depreciating thoughts due to internalized misogyny, homophobia, racism, classism, etc. Helps loosen patterns, cycles of internalized or externalized anger, hate, despair, bitterness. Gives a feeling of working toward a balance state.

Linden: Herbal Ally of Venus | Whitesplain | Mansplain | Cissplain
Open to the value of other’s lived experience without defense or explanation. Communication softens, compassionate listening. Helpful for white allies who work with people of color, opening the heart and closing the mouth. Holding safe communicative space for others.

Oak: Herbal Ally of Saturn | Pick Your Battles
Assists with overwhelm when confronted with copious tasks for social change. Reminds that we can’t do everything, examines one’s social responsibility. Discerning what is and isn’t one’s job, brings clarity to values close to heart and best strategy to effect change.

Onion: Herbal Ally of Mars | Authentic Activation
Break the lie that we are isolated, alone, that nothing we do matters. Reminds that one action, one belief affects the whole in ways both seen and unseen. Forge bonds with groups while increasing global awareness with detached yet fierce compassion.

St. Joan’s Wort: Herbal Ally of the Sun | Get Woke Up
Awaken from illusions of mass consumption, lazy thinking, depression. Brings both light in and opens to hopeful vigilance. Protection from fear, paranoia and other’s shadow projections. Accepting personal, ancestral and societal responsibility.

Vanilla: Herbal Ally of the Moon | Radical Self-Care
For dullness or exhaustion from work or school. Encourages retreat, repose, brief convalescence. Bestows a sense of security, comfort. Highlights the needs of our animal body, opening to caring for oneself inside the heart’s desire. Releasing need to care for others.

Yarrow: Herbal Ally of Mercury | Frontline Support
Shapeshifting and adapting to local places and environments by gently adjusting the auric field. Helpful for those sensitive to other's vibes or environmental toxicities. Useful protection magic with traveling or frontline direct action.

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