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Alchemy of Affection 02-10-2024

Unearth the art of transformative dating as a radical witch and infuse your dating (and platonic) experiences with intention and enchantment. Combine the realms of witchcraft and radical relationship-building and gain insights into spells, rituals, and practices to align your spiritual values with your relationship values.

Under the guidance of experienced sexual health educator and pleasure witch Haylin Belay, students will tackle issues of consent, commercialization, heteronormativity, and toxic monogamy in the world of love and sex magic, as well as foundational magical principles that can transform interpersonal relationships. Grounded in a framework of relationship anarchy, this beginner-friendly workshop will give you the tools to co-create meaningful relationships aligned with your magical path.

Learn guidelines of pleasure witchcraft with repeatable, beginner-friendly exercises:

  • Explore the connection between spirituality, consent, magic, and liberation
  • Understand the principles of relationship anarchy and why the personal (and spiritual) is political
  • Practice self-intimacy and communication skills with a witchy twist



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