Sweet Magic Event Space

06-14-2020 - Radical Embodiment: Establishing Home through Body

What does it mean to be in a body? Particularly during a pandemic and global crisis? Embodiment regards our body as tool. As temple. As altar. As home. It is a radical act, as well as a magical one. We live under constructs and systems that attempt to strip our agency over our own bodies. It's time to reclaim that agency.

In this workshop, we honor our bodies’ process to care for ourselves, and offer it care and gratitude in return. We will practice being in our body; grounding into a practice that creates a pathway for that connection during times of imbalance, and illuminate pathways to connect with our ancestors, allies, the earth, and each other. Radical embodiment is practiced so we may experience pleasure and joy; sadness and grief, in their fullness. We are called to remember that we are whole in this very moment and part of a larger interwoven network. This class will be mainly somatic, with space to explore your body through simple prompts. You will use at-home props to support yourself as we move through a gentle embodiment practice with light trance, finding what is right for you along the way.

Bring cushions, pillows, blankets, or anything that you could feel supported by. Show up exactly as you are. You will leave this workshop with a journal prompt to continue your practice.

This is a LIVE webinar class. A recording will be emailed to you after class that you can re-watch for 2 weeks! We will send more details shortly before the class.


About your Instructor:

MJ Bzdak is a Portland-based white, queer disabled witch. She leads embodiment classes and priestexx rituals aimed at connection with self, magical beings, and the natural realm. MJ believes more than anything that the path to deconstructing the harmful lived patterns around us (racism, sexism, classism, ableism, patriarchy) must exist within ourselves as well as externally. Learning to be in our bodies for all the feels and sit with ourselves through discomfort is life long work that supports community connection and care. She is not an expert; just another flawed magical being in a body learning how to deeply show up with the time that she has on this plane.