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03-25-2022 - Self-Devotion: Ancestral Magic and Tradition of Pysanka Eggs

We're delighted to host Anka Lavriv for another deep dive into ancient symbolism and ancestral tradition used in Ukrainian psysanka egg painting. This unique patternwork is not only an esthetic embellishment, but a complex coding system and a form of generational and ancestral storytelling. In this workshop, we will look at history, intention of actual Ukrainian talismanic symbols, discuss their possible use in modern life, and use our newfound knowledge of their symbology to craft our own pysanka eggs!

*More details to come!*

This is a LIVE digital class. A recording will be emailed to you after class that you can re-watch for 1 week! We will send more details shortly before the class.



This is a live workshop, with a recording available for 1 week sent out to all registered participants.

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About your instructor:

Anka Lavriv is a Montana based, Ukrainian illustrator and a tattoo artist. Her work is heavily influenced by esoteric themes, Slavic mythology and exploring the unconscious. Find Anka's work online at ankalavriv.com and via IG @anka.tattoo.

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