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11-25-2023 - Witchy Book Club: The Poison Path

Meet Seagrape's witchy book club! This community study group is a beacon for the hungry-hearted, magical babes looking to dive deep into seasonal spells, juicy rituals, and pleasure-full practices for embodiment.

This study group is FREE to our Seagrape Babes members, who receive monthly access to our Community Circles, an archive of past class recordings, and so much more. Otherwise, attendance is $20 per meeting.

Each month, we'll meet on the last Saturday of the month from 10am to 11am PST as we journey through a spellbinding selection of books corresponding to the Seagrape themes of the month! These gatherings are recorded, and each replay is uploaded to the Seagrape Babes community archive. If you're just joining us, you can catch up on the discussions anytime in the Babes!

Find the complete list of dates, books, and corresponding monthly themes below.

  • January 28th / The Crooked Path by Kelden 
  • February 25th / Magickal Mediumship by Danielle Dionne 
  • March 25th / Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski 
  • April 29th / The Scent of Lemon and Rosemary by Raechel Henderson 
  • May 27th / Money Magic by Jessie Susannah Karnatz 
  • June 24th / Queering Your Craft by Cassandra Snow 
  • July 29th / The Altar Within by Juliet Diaz 
  • August 26th / Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer 
  • September 30th / Root and Ritual by Becca Piastrelli 
  • October 28th / The Modern Craft by Alice Tarbuck 
  • November 25th / The Poison Path Herbal by Coby Michael 
  • December 16th / Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown

This September, we're leaning into the theme "Taking Root." Together, we'll be reading Root and Ritual by Becca Piastrelli Join us on September 30th for tea, lots of chatting, and a conversation about connecting with our ancestors!

If you're interested in cultivating community, join Seagrape Babes! 

Is your body vibrating with desire for nourishing Pleasure?

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Seagrape Babes is a global community of magically-inclined folks on a mission to turn self-care into a love affair — this is your community to learn in and be witnessed by, whether you're just planting the first seeds of magic or whether you're tending a thriving ecosystem of witchy practices.

You’re invited to the coven, babe. Join a wide web of magical humans who are learning to joyfully and pleasurably THRIVE. Membership starts at $33 per month or $330 per year.

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