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11-20-2021 - The Underworld of Tarot: Shadow Work through the Major Arcana

As we sink further into the dark throes of winter, we are invited to explore the deep divine caves of self, the hallowed season of the Underworld, and the mystery of sacred shadow work. Divination and tarot offer us a powerful path of approaching these facets of the self, allowing for investigation, exploration, and healing.

This two hour class will briefly cover the shadow aspect of each card in the Major Arcana, from "The Fool " to "The World." Together we will look at the cards as individual parts of a single narrative, to confront the hidden storyline of our lives. Before the rebirth of the New Year, it's crucial to be lovingly candid about what no longer serves us, to make space for the best that is yet to come.

All registered participants will receive a specialized PDF to accompany this workshop, as well as a link to video replay for 7 days of viewing.


This is a LIVE digital event with a 1 week replay video post class. Due to this, no refunds are available.



      • This is a live workshop, with a recording available for 1 week sent out to all registered participants.
      • All workshops include live close captioning for the hard of hearing. Should you also require ASL interpretation, please email us at events@seagrapeapothecary.com.
      • Buying this course as a gift? Please include recipient’s email address during checkout.
      • We use Zoom for online workshops - please have the app downloaded if using a phone.
      • Enrollment is accepted up until the day of the event.
      • All participants are responsible for sourcing their own materials for this workshop.
      • Technical difficulties on the attendees end (sound issues, tardiness, wifi connection, video cut out, etc) do not entitle attendees to a refund. We recommend signing on 10 minutes early to sort out any issues.
      • Seagrape does not offer guidance around computer or Zoom usage, though we do send out a link including instructions on how to use Zoom 24 hours prior to all workshops.
      • Honor the privacy of others; what is said and shared in a workshop is not meant to share outside of the workshop except for what instructors give permission to share.
      • Questions? Email us at events@seagrapeapothecary.com


About the instructor:

Oubria Tronshaw is the creator of the Melanated Classic Tarot Deck, the first Afrocentric tarot deck modeled exactly after the Rider Smith-Waite. The deck accompanies her widely acclaimed tarot course, the Melanated Classic Tarot Academy. Find Oubria on instagram here.

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