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11-01-2020 - Pleasure Spell: transitioning into pleasure in uncertain times

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In a season, and year of change and transition, it’s more important than ever to hold on to beauty and pleasure as a beacon and guiding light. Staying Juicy is an act of resistance! As the earth makes its cyclical journey to rest, Fall is an ideal time to slow down and simmer on both what you’re ready to let go of and invite in. It’s the perfect time to indulge in self-rituals and cultivate a love affair with yourself.

We want to help you usher in that process. Are you ready? IF you join our Seagrape Babe Community by October 31st and sign up for a YEAR long membership we have a very special gift for you.

Join Seagrape on Sunday, November 1st for a private day-long Intimate Virtual Retreat (a $400 value) for FREE! focused on orienting back to your pleasure in this transitional time led by our incredible and fierce Founder babe, Maria as a gift for deciding to join our community and dive into beauty and pleasure all of 2021!

Maria will guide you and provide you with tools and rituals to create a delicious, pleasurable, welcoming in the new year as we close and transition out of this year. This is an opportunity to tend to yourself and begin to craft a life full of beauty and get embodied in your pleasure while taking care of your empathic nature. This is a sacred and magical act. This is a potent time to prioritize yourself, babe.

Sign up for the Seagrape Babes Community and read all the details about it here. Make sure you click the year long option and watch your email for a link to come to our incredible private Day-Long Retreat just for the Seagrape Babes. We can’t wait to see you at the retreat!

Please note: this is a LIVE webinar class only available to members of our membership site.


About your instructor:

Maria Vashakidze is the owner and formulator of Seagrape Apothecary, a company started in 2009 out of love for scent. She runs a community oriented brick and mortar shop with a full line of in-house made apothecary products andritual tools to help you turn self-care into a love affair!