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09-12-2020 - Ancestry of Place: the Magic of Bioregionalism

What does it mean to live locally, and to trust in the surroundings of your environment? How does one cultivate a magical and personal bond with a bioregion? In this workshop, we will be taking a look at what bioregionalism means from a social, environmental, and magical perspective, and discuss what it can mean to live locally.

Our instructor Catarina Seixas, joining us from her homestead in Portugal, will be sharing insight from her personal experience with living on the Land, and providing some simple rituals and suggestions around how to practically apply mundane and magical actions alike to support you in connecting to where you are, your environment and the innate characters of the region you call home. We will also discuss some basics around ancestral crafts, as well as engage in open discussion.

This is a LIVE digital event with a 2 week replay video post class. Due to this, no refunds are available.



  • This is a live workshop, with a recording available for 2 weeks sent out to all registered participants.
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About the instructor:

Cat is a homesteader, knitter, folk herbalist and mother. She lives in Portugal and, together with her partner, they have been stewarding a piece of Land for the last six years. In the meantime, Cat has fallen in love with the traits of her region and with what it means to live reciprocally and in connection to the place she calls home - an ever-growing lesson.

Find her on instagram at @theolivetreesandthemoon