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08-25-2020 - The Magickal Gardener: Astrological Gardening & Lunar Plant Care

Learn to become a Magickal Gardener!

In this course participants will not only learn how to plant by the zodiac, they'll also learn why this practice aligns with creating potent magick. Astrological gardening is an ancestral approach to planting, tending, and harvesting plants that has the potential to function as a deeply magickal practice for devoted followers. Aligning with the energetic signature of the moment in service to the plants one tends is a technique for weaving more thorough intention (and improved outcomes) into one's spellwork.

Everyone who attends the workshop and ritual will glean an understanding of the principles of:

  • Moon Gardening
  • Garden Magick
  • How to magickally work with both
  • Ritual plant work
  • Sigil magick basics

The workshop will culminate in a group Garden Magick ritual. Together, we will create a living altar that participants will tend and nurture as their spellwork develops over the months ahead. Participants will be ceremoniously potting a magickal houseplant to create their own personal “Living Altar” to tend.


+ Before the workshop, choose a theme that is relevant to your life now, or perhaps that relates to the astrological themes of Augusts first quarter moon from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

+ With your intention in mind, select a plant that you wish to work with. Many herbs and flowers have well established magickal signatures and you may already have established plant allies.

+ Explore the qualities of different houseplants and research which ones you may want to work with.

+ Ask for the proper stone allies to work with and gather them. If your spellwork is focused on prosperity, for example, select stones to amplify that intention such as aventurine. Or if you are calling in increased peace and love, select rose quartz.

+ Have a flowerpot - consider how the shape, color, and even texture can enhance your magickal intention.

+ Come to class with a writing (or painting) implement for transcribing a sigil onto the inside of your flowerpot

+ Have ready an additional Herbs, Charms, or Magickal items to be ritually potted up with your plant.

Please note that this is a LIVE digital event with a 2 week replay video post class. Due to this, no refunds are available for this class.



  • This is a live workshop, with a recording available for 2 weeks sent out to all registered participants.
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About the instructor:

Erin Duffy Osswald is a creatrix practicing healing and fine arts. She leads an online apprenticeship program called The Wheelhouse, which is built upon a framework of the Celtic wheel of the year. Erin is also a ceremonialist who celebrates rites of passage and guides personal spiritual metamorphosis. Her Healing Practice, Wild Rose Earth Medicine, is located in North Central Montana where she specializes in shamanic techniques and moon medicine. At her online home, The Telling of the Bees, she writes about enchanting folk customs, plant magick, and living a devotional life. Erin is also a ceramicist, crafting sacred objects for ritual and ceremony.