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05-03-2024 The Money Witch’s Six Portals to Financial Healing *in-person!*

Embark on a transformative journey with the Money Witch as your guide through the intricate and empowering realms of financial healing. In this course, we explore the 6 essential portals that extend beyond traditional financial literacy: Financial Literacy, Financial Self-Esteem, Financial Intimacy, Financial Maturity, Financial Authority, and Financial Abundance.

In this course, and in the Money Witch universe, financial self-care is at the core. Together, we'll navigate the shadows of your finances, untangle complexities, and illuminate a path towards financial well-being and joy while meeting these 6 essential portals.

Join us Friday, May 3rd from 5:30 - 7:30 PM PDT. 

In this 2-hour community container, we'll explore:

  • How to transmute feelings of scarcity, the experience of not having or being enough, into invitations towards abundance
  • How to form a magical, nourishing relationship with money and your finances without abandoning your values
  • How to begin uprooting old stories about our worth regarding money, resource, and financial sovereignty

Set this time aside for yourself to explore your material dreams and desires in an expansive and holistic container.

In preparation for the workshop, please gather the following items:

  • Your journal + a pen
  • Snacks and drinks for nourishment!

Peep The Money Witch's magical tools up on our site for some extra abundance!



This in-person workshop will be recorded. A replay will be available for 30 days and sent out to all registered participants.

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Honor the privacy of others; what is said and shared in a workshop is not meant to share outside of the workshop except for what instructors give permission to share.

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