Sweet Magic Event Space

04-18-2020 -Managing Stress and Feelings of Overwhelm During COVID-19

Join clinical energetic herbalist Fern Tallos for a class focused on managing stress and feelings of overwhelm during the COVID-19 pandemic. For many of us, navigating this time means we are perhaps inhabiting spaces of discomfort, tension, and/or imbalance. In this class we will address the vital and important work of staying well during this transition. Cultivating a practice of compassion while learning how to regulate the nervous system function can be pivotal in navigating the unknown. We will discuss herbs for nervous system regulation, the plants that relax and enrich our bodies and minds, essences for staying connected during this moment, and how to practice patience and love for ourselves and our communities. This offering will include exercises, meditations, and conversations about using herbs and essences during times of great stress.


Fern Tallos is a clinical energetic herbalist who works in the Olympia area. It is her mission to encourage ethical and engaged connection with plant medicine and the natural world. She has 7 years experience as a flower essence practitioner, and finds flower remedies to be exceptionally accessible and approachable allies for creating positive change in peoples lives.