Sweet Magic Event Space

05-08-2020 - Hearth fire & hearts desire: Working with the sacred flame

Together we will explore all things fire magic and how to incorporate the sacred flame into our everyday lives and weave throughout our spell working. During gentle meditation we will meet the elemental guardian of fire and spark our magic. Since candle magic is one of the most common and effective ways to work with fire energy, we will cover candle magic from top to bottom, including candle types, choosing and charging candles, and creating clear intentions. Join us to deepen into fire magic and usher in your desires.

There will be a hands on candle component so make sure to wear something you can get messy!


Teacher Bio:

Bran Taylor is a queer witch, psychic, and formally trained priestess of European ancestry living on the land of the Chinook people in Portland, Oregon. She has over 22+ years experience in divination and the Craft. She specializes in ritual candle making, evolutionary astrology, intuitive tarot reading, and comprehensive magical teaching. In her work as Magic Hour, she is dedicated to tending and circulating the Sacred Flame of change.