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03-13-2020 - Broom Making- SOLD OUT

Weave your own Turkey Wing Broom to clear away old webs and bring in new clarity and movement!

About this Event

Brooms are used all over the world for daily and ritual cleansing of spaces. A Broom is an important part of making a safe and sacred space. In this modern industrial world handcrafts of all kinds are being replaced by machine made goods. The broom is no exception. Handcrafted Brooms are on the brink of extinction so we are here to gather in community and re-learn this ancient art form.

Come join us for an evening of embodiment thru craft as we share stories of empowerment thru cleansing. In this three hour workshop each participant will learn the basics of Broom making and make their own Turkey Wing Broom to use in their own daily cleansing rituals.

Please note:

-All materials are carefully prepared and provided for this class.

-If you need to set up a payment plant, please email seagrapesoap@gmail.com

-3 discounted tickets available for BIPOC folks, please email seagrapesoap.com


Bethany (they/them) is a teacher and student of place based skills. As a young person running from the various institutions they found themselves in, one of the best places they found to hide was in "wild spaces". In these so called "wild" areas they found a sense of family with the the Non-human world around them, here is where they felt held and safe. Bethany believes strongly in the healing power of reconnecting and rebuilding relationship to our more-than-human relatives. They have found on their own path that working with their hands, in relationship with elements of nature brings some of the deepest healing. As a survivor of Trauma they feel called to continue learning about healing trauma, and sharing their journey with others. Following the whispers of their Ancestors from Mexico they found Curanderismo and have been a student for three years now. After only completing half a year of JR high as a teenager - Bethany has recently been working on finishing their GED, feeling strongly called to environmental and social justice.