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02-13-2021 - Deepening Your Magical Practice: Intro to Witchery Continued

Have you taken our Intro to Witchery workshop and are seeking to grow further within your practice? Do you know the basics, like how to cast a circle and create a simple altar, but want more tools for deepening your witchery? This class is designed to expand upon the foundations of witchcraft by providing tools for students to continue along their own magical paths.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • developing your intuition
  • working with deity
  • sympathetic magic and magical correspondences
  • trancework
  • intermediate protection magic

Students will be given tools and guidance for how to safely make contact with spirit allies, guides, and deities, as well as their own inner wisdom. Please bring a pen and paper, as well as anything you need to make yourself comfortable during ritual.

All attendees will receive:

  • a spell for workshop attendees to continue their journey into the craft
  • a handy PDF table of magical correspondences
  • a link to the recorded workshop good for 1 week of viewing!

This is a LIVE digital event with a 1 week replay available to all registered participants. Due to this, no refunds are available.



  • This is a live workshop, with a recording available for 1 week sent out to all registered participants.
  • All workshops include live close captioning for the hard of hearing. Should you also require ASL interpretation, please email us at events@seagrapeapothecary.com.
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  • We use Zoom for online workshops - please have the app downloaded if using a phone.
  • Enrollment is accepted up until the day of the event.
  • All participants are responsible for sourcing their own materials for this workshop.
  • Technical difficulties on the attendees end (sound issues, tardiness, wifi connection, video cut out, etc) do not entitle attendees to a refund. We recommend signing on 10 minutes early to sort out any issues.
  • Seagrape does not offer guidance around computer or Zoom usage, though we do send out a link including instructions on how to use Zoom 24 hours prior to all workshops.
  • Honor the privacy of others; what is said and shared in a workshop is not meant to share outside of the workshop except for what instructors give permission to share.
  • Questions? Email us at events@seagrapeapothecary.com


Teacher Bio:

Ariel Kusby is a writer and witch based in Portland, Oregon. She is the owner of Little Witchery, a magical community and apothecary for kids and adults, and the author of The Little Witch’s Book of Spells (Chronicle Books, August 2020), a grimoire for children 8 to 12 years old. She lives in an old house with an enchanted garden, where she practices practical, play-based witchery and folk herbalism.