Yarrow for protection

Yarrow is a lovely weed that likes to grow in the cracks of just about anywhere and is a very helpful, abundant protection plant. Known best as an ally of boundary work, Yarrow helps us cultivate and call in our edges so we can honor our own worth. Saying no to things in order to preserve your integrity and energy is as much a spell as building an Altar, often more difficult in our society. Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries helps formulate mutually respectful relationships and partnerships, prioritize our own needs and values, trust and believe in our own authority in life.

Try wearing a little bundle somewhere on your person or working with a flower essence to call in support and protection when you need a little extra boundary support. Making a wreath with whatever colors you’re drawn to to hang above your door or bed is a great way to call in the plants energetic qualities for your house, ritual space, or work. Choose the color intuitively, though the pink and red Yarrow are especially good for heart protection and a bit more emotional energetic work. Do you have a favorite color to work with?

Ritual flower bath: Yarrow for boundaries and protection
You'll need: 
freshly gathered Yarrow- choose any color you connect to
a treat that makes you feel joyful and brings you pleasure: a book, snack, delicious drink, favorite movie 

Since we're working with Yarrow, this flower bath will be focused on boundaries and protection. Grab a notebook and answer the following questions:
  • What specific areas of your life do you need to set boundaries for?
  • How does your boundary setting intention align to you and your values? 
  • What were the three big wins you had this week?
Form an intention based on the above writing. What did your big wins have to do with boundaries? Spoiler: all our big wins have to do with personal boundaries like prioritizing our creativity, making time for family, getting a promotion based on dedicated hard work you carved space for. What do you need to call in to help you strengthen your energetic boundaries? Once you are clear about your intention you may want to write it out and set it on the side of the bath with a tea light or your favorite gemstone. Black tourmaline or obsidian are great protection stones. 

Gather a handful of fresh yarrow, leaving an offering (herbs, a song, gratitude, a prayer, water). Bring the gathered plants to the bath and as you're filling the tub start to trim the Yarrow into smaller pieces you can add to the water. As the bath fills up sing to the water, tell a story, or say a prayer. My prayers usually consist of something like: "May Spirit bless this water, and my self-care practice, support my pleasure so that I may serve my community as a well, whole person. May this bath protect my edges and help me release what no longer serves me."  You can also simply read the intention you wrote out as well.

Add the trimmed yarrow to the bath, make a bouquet for the bath-side, or hang some around the tub and climb into the water. Make sure you have your pleasurable object or activity handy. 

Once you're in the tub read your intention out again. Close your eyes and vision your Auric spare, your personal bubble all around you. Let the words you've spoken and the flower bath you're in support that spare, filling in any gaps or weak points you might have, Vision this for a moment, sending a color (I like gold) out to the edges and filling in all the cracks. Now, enjoy your bath! Eat a snack, watch a movie, read your favorite book- whatever brings you pleasure. Remember, this is a boundary in practice-- you have time and a container, and now you get to relax and experience joy and pleasure.

Let me know how the bath ritual went in the comments below, babes!
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